General Training Information

Coaching is organised on a squad basis, with membership of each squad determined by the swimmers level of performance and their personal objectives.  Members of LAC Advanced Coaching Scheme have remained with their former squad groups at the time of transition to NUELSC partnership from 03/09/2017.

LAC Advanced Coaching Scheme Presentation 03/09/2017 – click here for pdf summary.

Dear Member of the LAC Advanced Coaching Scheme,
Please find below a “Welcome Pack” for the Advanced Coaching Scheme, which has some additional details regarding the programme and the weekly themes to the training cycle. There is also a skills check list for swimmers to review their own achievements on regularly tested skills. 
Click on the links to open the Welcome Pack and Skills Checklist.


Click here for the LAC Advanced Coaching Scheme timetable from 18/09/2017.

An amended timetable will appear for the Easter and Summer reduced training schedule when issued by the Head Coach.


Progression is achieved through a successful trial with the appropriate squad.  Where a swimmer is not ready to step up a squad(s) he will be encouraged to work on a particular aspect of his/her swimming before undertaking another trial or by achieving objective performance criteria based on the County or Regional Qualifying Times, for example.  Although this can be frustrating, it is far preferable to being placed in an inappropriate squad where the swimmer will struggle and perhaps become disenchanted with swimming.

The Club employs qualified coaches to ensure that members have the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential as swimmers.  Holly Richards is N&UEL’s Head Coach, supported by a team of coaches.  Senior members have the opportunity to take swimming teachers / coaches courses in addition to the regular coaching staff.  These courses are run by the club from time to time; please speak to Holly if interested.

Information will be updated here shortly on how LAC Advanced Coaching Scheme members can enter for competitions and galas.  Information may also be sent via email direct to members.