Newham Swimming Club Sprint Nights & House Galas


When notified by the Coach, NUELSC hold time trials for all or some squad swimmers. As you will have guessed from the time Time Trials are mainly to allow the coaches to record times for Development Squad swimmers, but Intermediate Squad swimmers who do not regularly take part in Open Galas and/or East London Mini-League galas will also be asked to complete the time trials. As a member of a competitive swimming club, it is important that you attend these sessions, when notified.

Sprint nights/time trials are an essential way in which you and your coaches can make sure that progressing in your swimming as you should be, by making sure that your times are improving.

The Time Trials are run a more relaxed manner, but full Gala rules will be enforced, (silence for the starts etc) and swimmers will be disqualified as necessary. It is a good time to practise starts, turns and relay take overs.

As stated earlier, it is important that all Development Squad swimmers attend on these evenings ready to swim in races and do your best.