So the 8th March 2016 saw the spring Jack Petchey Foundation achievement awards. This event was held at the Kenneth Moore Theatre Ilford.

Nuel JPF AA Frian

Frian with paralympian champian Danny Crates

Attending the event were our achievement award winners Robert Jabej and Frian Ravilla, along with their families.

The nights guest speaker was paralympic champian Danny Crates who presented the awards.

Congratulations to both our winners.


Robert proudly showing his Jack Petchey Achievement award medal.


Sir Jack Petchey meeting the Queen

NUEL would like to congratulate Sir Jack Petchey on receiving a knighthood in recognition of his charitable work. We are so pleased for you and cannot thank you enough for all the good things you do for us at NUEL and so many other set ups like ours. It is a thoroughly deserved honour.


Sir Jack Petchey

Read more about this on the Jack Petchey Foundation website

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JPF Achievement Awards November 2015

Well done to Robert and Frian on their Jack Petchey Achievement award.

Robert and Frian at the London Acquatic Centre receiving their certificates.

Robert – receives the award for work ethic and gaining Essex qualifying times.

Robert’s work ethic in training is second to none. This is self evident in his continuing improvements at swim meets, recently gaining two qualifying Essex times. He is extremely committed, especially for someone so young. He listens carefully to the drill-sets by his coach and shows maturity beyond his age. At gala meets he doesn’t just think about himself and his own races, but he very visibly and actively devotes equal energy on supporting his teammates.

All in all Robert is a team player who leads from the front.


Frian receives the award for attendance, commitment to training sessions and galas and huge improvements in her PB times.

Frian is setting an excellent example to her swimming club teammates of how to chip away at the weekly training sessions and competitive galas. By going the extra mile she has seen her PBs get shorter and shorter. She is well liked by peers and coaches alike and is always polite and respectful. Frian is one of our quieter members who continues to grow in confidence as she gains more experience. Her calm manner and good work ethic rubs off on other swimmers and she is a valued member and friend to have at any gala.


Eva, Sam, Alfred and Toni NUEL 2015. Jack Petchey Foundation Celebration Event for Youth Organisations. Queens Theatre, Hornchurch.

I was very pleased to be able to attend the Jack Petchey Foundation Celebration Event for Youth Organisations at the Queens Theatre, Hornchurch 5th October 2015.

What a thoroughly enjoyable and exhilarating evening, seeing so many young people recognised for their hard work, effort and determination. Not least our 4 acheivement award winners of Eve, Sam, Alfred and Toni. Well done to our winners!

If you would like to nominate someone at our swimming club, wether for an achievement award or a leaders award please don’t hesitate to ask for information. See one of our coaches or email me at for more details.


Congratulations! You’ve just been awarded a Jack Petchey acheivement award, certificate and badge. What will you ask the club to buy?

Well done, you have recently been awarded a Jack Petchey Foundation acheievment award for NUEL swimming club. Here are some popular ideas suggested by club members and coaches, to help you decide what to  spend the £200 grant on.

  • Provide food and soft drinks for a party or picnic for all club members and parents. Everyone loves a party. Its a great time to socialise properly with club members and recognise everyone’s achievements big and small.
  • Skipping ropes. For land training/warm up – improves endurance
  • Swiss balls. For pre pool work out
  • Arranging a special trip e.g. cinema
  • Laptop/tablet for coaches (register/data/video analysis etc)
  • A ‘team building’ event (eg see the recent ‘shadwell basin’ trip)
  • Therabands for pre pool workout and strength training

Can you help us make a wish list?


“Items we’d like, fun things to do with our club”


As many of you know our club participates in the Jack Petchey Foundation achievement awards scheme. This scheme was set up to recognise, reward and celebrate young peoples’ achievements.


This means we can choose up to 6 young people each year to receive the Foundations award.  When a winner is selected they will receive a certificate, JPF badge and membership of JPF Achievers community. In addition the club receives a £200 grant with the award winner deciding how this money should be spent, in a way that benefits everyone at the club, (for example; a piece of equipment, a day out for squad members or a specialist trainer to come in and give a session).

In order to make things simpler for the award winner I’d like to create a clubWISH LIST winners can refer to.

I’ve started a list with a few suggestions but would really like to know what things you think would benefit our club. Please click reply to add your suggestions or see the notice boards at either East Ham or Balaam leisure centre.

  1. Buying equipment for a specific activity: Core strength training, camera/video to aid analysis of technique.
  2. Arranging a special trip e.g. cinema or bowling. A meal at a local restaurant (Nando’s?).
  3. A ‘team building’ event.
  4. ??? Tell us your ideas.


Jack Petchey Foundation

2014 Achievement Award Winners


N&UEL swimming club would like to congratulate our 2014 achievement award winners.

pic of presentation winners

Koachakorn and Bozhidar, two of our junior squad members with their Jack Petchey certificates. Pictured with Head Coach Giuseppe at the London Acquatics Centre.



Well done to:

Adam Matloub Adam trains regularly with the club as well as doing other sports with his school. He is a county swimming finalist and really enjoys sports.

Raquel Silva She has a very busy timetable, but finds time to train regularly as well as regularly competing for her club at the weekends.

Callum Yeo When Callum joined the club he had to get over a back injury and then work his way back to fitness. He did this and is now back training and competing again.

Koachakorn Phomsouvanh Before her award, Koachakorn had had to overcome personal loss and understandably took abreak from the club. I am pleased to say she is now back to full training doing really well and is also back in competition.

Alexi Winder Alexi is one of our performance squad swimmers. He is in his final year at sixth form but has still found time to commit to train regularly with the club and has made county and regional qualifying times.

Bozhidar Zapryanov Bozhidar (or Bobby as we affectionately call him) has consistently trained well and has gained county and regional times. He really enjoys his swimming training and this enjoyment clealy rubs off on others as he motivates them to do well.



2015 Jack Petchey achievement award winners

Newham and University East London swimming club are pleased to announce the winners of this years Jack Petchey Foundation Acheivement Awards. Everyone in our club took part in nominating 1 or more swimmer for the award as well as our coaches and parents and also Giuseppe.

Here is why they were chosen for their award.

Pic Alfred JPF certificate

Alfred – Jack Petchey Foundation award winner – June 2015

Alfred is an up and coming swimmer who recently moved from development squad to Junior performance squad. He always tries his best and works hard in training. He continues to be an enthusiastic and reliable swimmer.

Pic Sam JPF certificate

Sam – Jack Petchey Foundation award winner – May 2015

Sam portrays what we are about as a club – commitment, friendship and a healthy lifestyle. He continues to be a long term member, starting in the development squad at age 9 and progressing through junior squads to the senior squads, as well as giving a fair amount of commitment to the swimming gala team over the years. He quietly gets on and has fun, digs in and shows a high level of stickability and is a great role model to younger swimmers.

Pic Toni JPF April 2015

Toni – Jack Petchey Foundation award winner – April 2015

Toni is one of many younger up and coming swimmers in our development squad. She continues to show great improvements. She is very friendly and popular in the squad and she always makes a big effort in training which rubs off on her peers.

Pic Eva certificate

Eva receiving her award from head coach Holly – Jack Petchey Foundation award winner – March 2015

Eva is regularly achieving excellent swimming performances and times and is fully committed to training hard at an extremely high level. Eva sadly missed out on competing in the 2015 British swimming championships due to injury. This was an achievement in itself reaching this level of competition. She is a fantastic role mode for all our swimmers.



Jack  Petchey Foundation  Award Scheme

Do you know someone deserving of the achievment award? They don’t have to be the fastest or strongest by the way. Next time you train take a moment to think if you know someone in our club who:

  • Helps others over and above expectations
  • Is a good role model/mentor
  • Shows bravery
  • Overcoming a personal challenge
  • Always Volunteers
  • Tries really hard
  • Breaking through a personal barrier

Nominate someone today. Click here> NOMINATE for more details or you can download the nomination form> HERE. Remember to post it in the nomonations box at one of our training pools.

Newham & University of East London  Swimming Club

Is proud to be taking part in the Jack Petchey Foundation Award scheme. There are almost 2000 schools, colleges and youth organisations throughout London and Essex who also subscribe to the scheme. The Foundation contributes millions of pounds each year to the participating organisations.

“The Jack Petchey Foundation was established in 1999 to enable young people, to achieve their potential by inspiring, investing in, developing and promoting activities that increase their personal, social, emotional

and physical development. Since its inception £85 million has been invested to support this aim.”

Click here for more information on the Foundation.

N&UEL SC has been a part of the scheme for a number of years and has greatfully received the Foundations grants which have benefitted our young people, in areas such as additional equipement for the club or rewarding our swimmers with social events.

So how does the scheme work?

  • We are a small to medium sized club. So we think its appropriate we are on the Silver awards scheme. This means up to 6 young people at our club will receive the Foundation’s Achievement Award at intervals throughout the year.
  • The award could be for a number of things e.g. achievement, overcomming personal challenges, helping others not just at the club but in their local community or in the commitment he or she has shown to the club and to swimming.
  • When a winner is chosen they will be publicly congratulated and receive a framed certificate as well as a Jack Petchey Foundation badge
  • Membership of the JPF Achievers community
  • £200 to be spent on something of their choice that will benefit our organisation (for example, a piece of equipment, a day out for the team, a specialist trainer to come in give a session).

Full details can be got from the Jack petchey web site link above.

  • In addition to the above there is also a related Leaders’ Award that allows the club to nominate a person for receipt of a certificate, a medal and £500 to benefit the club.

N&UEL SC’s Jack Petchey Foundation coordinator is Richard Henry.

If you have any questions about the scheme, or are wondering what you can do to help or just how its run please don’t hesitate to contact me.