Procedures for Accidents and Incidents

Facilities: Balaam Leisure Centre, East Ham Leisure Centre, London Aquatic Centre

All coaching and competitions will take place at safe and appropriate facilities in accordance with Normal Operating Procedures/Emergency Action Plan.

All persons in charge of club and competition sessions must be aware of the NOP and EAP’s of the above facilities. These should be strictly followed in case of an emergency.

A) Incidents affecting the leisure facility as whole

NUELSC use Active Newham and GLL provided leisure facilities for training and often compete in other managed facilities. Each facility will be subject to its own EAP and NOP, generally meaning that management of an incident is provided by the facility’s staff. In the event of a fire alarm or other event potentially requiring evacuation during training run by NUELSC or a competition hosted by NUELSC , NUELSC staff and volunteers will follow the direction of the facility’s staff, and ensure the swimmers and other staff or volunteers do the same.

B) Incidents affecting individuals

The important actions points of are:-

  • Raise the Alarm
  • Call the Emergency services (if necessary)
  • Do not move someone with major injuries, wait for specialist help
  • Ensure the rest of the group is properly supervised
  • Contact the injured persons parent or carer – this information can be obtained via the Club Coaches on poolside.
  • Complete the club’s accident /incident record log
  • Inform Insurer

C) Incident away from training venue:

Assess the incident ? does the incident require treatment?


Inform facility staff

Provide leisure centre staff with swimmer’s medical and contact details Retain a copy of centre’s accident report sheet for club and parents record


Monitor situation and inform parent / follow Leisure Centre NOP/EAP